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Reading Doctor® Software is being described by educators as a breakthrough in teaching children to read and spell. Our computer software and tablet apps strengthen skills found through research to be crucial in helping students of all ages to improve their literacy skills. Teaching vital reading skills such as phonological & phonemic awareness, letter-sound knowledge, decoding and sight word recognition is easy with our unique, multi-sensory, patent pending teaching platform. Reading Doctor® Software is designed by leading speech-language pathologist and reading development expert Dr. Bartek Rajkowski, PhD. Regardless of whether you are a teacher, a reading specialist, a person learning English or a parent, we sincerely hope our programs become your favourite teaching tool!


Feedback from parents, teachers and other professionals using Reading Doctor® Software and apps

"ReadingDoctor Software is the best reading programme I have ever seen. I will ask the school to buy the software (more than one license). A really valuable session. An unbelievable programme. Well done. Worth the wait - 30 years!!!"


"As an educational psychologist with 30+ years of experience in working with kids with learning difficulties I am VERY impressed with ReadingDoctor - the best program I have come across (and I have looked!)"

"Ground-breaking software. I will try to convince the principal to get it. Thank you Bartek."

"ReadingDoctor - fantastic, well researched and will be most useful in schools."

"Bartek was very comprehensive, outlining the background before discussing the strategy for supporting students. I will buy the program - ReadingSounds! Thank you. Any more training and development from Bartek?!"

"Great to see what Bartek presented. Can see lots of uses for his program. I will purchase the program! Thank you Bartek!"

"Bartek - excellent program. Engaging, excited - and exciting prospects for using with children. I will put a laptop and ReadingDoctor on my budget submission!"

"I loved Bartek's programme!"

"Well done Bartek - very clever! I will buy ReadingDoctor!"

"New ideas and a fantastic learning tool. I will speak to principals to purchase ReadingSounds."

"The session provided valuable background on phonological processing as well as providing an interesting insight into the program. I will ask my principal for a license. Well done. You have a success!"

"ReadingDoctor - excellent programme. Can't wait to purchase!"

"A great resource. I will buy and recommend the software."

"I have students in my class who need this support and will benefit from this software. I will buy ReadingDoctor software. I can't wait to see what difference this makes to student learning."

"It showed some areas that we haven't yet explored even though we have been using it for 8 months" 

"It's what we have been waiting for It turns leaning into fun - that's a bonus for struggling learners" 

"The potential the program offers to learners is HUGE!" 

"Should be great for ESL learners." 

"Very comprehensive, visual, step by step information." 

"Explained really well - It was an incredible amount of information - thank you."

"It is new, innovative, creative, engaging and fun." 

"This was fresh and invaluable information that I can add to my Reading Recovery Marie Clay program." 

"This session showed how learners can be engaged in learning, making learning a game and allowing the child to be independent." 

"I will highly recommend the program to our Special Education Coordinator."

"Fantastic, well done." 

"Great job, great program."

"Can't wait for Reading Doctor 2 - Thank you!"

"This software looks great."

 "Very comprehensive with great sight words and all the other features, especially the flashcards."

"A really great AUSTRALIAN tool." 

"Amazing, wonderful, absolutely fantastic!" 

    -Feedback from recent Training and Development workshops on ReadingDoctor Software
     for Department of Education and Children's Services (DECS) staff. 

"Just to let you know, we had a meeting with Amy's teacher 2 weeks ago, and found out that Amy is in the top reading group in the class...we would never have dreamt that this was possible at the start of the year..."
-C. C., Parent.

"Kerrie and I would like to express our sincere thanks to you for introducing us and our children to the brilliant ReadingDoctor literacy improvement software...In July 2008, we discovered ReadingDoctor, and, the results we have personally experienced in less than 3 months, along with Georgia's teachers feedback, have been astounding and rewarding. During this short period, she has progressed through 5 reading levels and has gained immeasurable confidence in her reading capabilities. Georgia now approaches reading with enthusiasm and zest, and Kerrie and I continue to encourage her to use the ReadingDoctor as it appears to complement her school curriculum along with the dedicated focus of her excellent teachers...Bartek, many thanks again for developing ReadingDoctor."
-L. W. R. and K. W. R, Parents

"I just wanted to share with you some amazing results that we are getting with the software. As you know we have been getting some great results with our daughter Amy who is 5, but I have recently started using the software with our other daughter Sophie who is nearly 4. Sophie has been seeing her big sister playing with the software and wants to "play" with it as well. After about 5 turns at the vowel sounds and 3 turns at the consonant sounds, I would say that Sophie is correctly sounding out 70% of the flash cards, which I think is amazing given that she has never completed any phonics work before... she has never shown any interest in reading until now. After playing with the software she now wants to try to read Amy's books. The only thing that is proving challenging is getting Sophie to stop using the software when it is time for bed."
-C. C., Parent

"Engaging for children, colourful, content stimulating both visually and auditorily, educational, clear stages of development, heavy doses of dopamine, creating worksheets and copying flashcards an added bonus and advantage for teachers and eyes are out on stalks as I have sat here forever going over every inch of the program, so fascinated and wanting to do all activities... I loved the colours, the graphics...the 'rewards', the flexibility built into the programme, the feeling of ownership by the user, the way it can be adjusted to suit the needs of the  class, the correction technique, repetitions, explanatory sentences, the screen timer and of course the content material... the assessment page is so valuable - just brilliant."

-M. V., Educational Consultant

"The program accomplishes a lot of what I do in the classroom in a way that is interesting and motivating for the students. Not only that, it simultaneously incorporates the many different skills that students require in order to become proficient readers. It uses the same approach I use - reinforcement and building upon prior knowledge...I believe reading doctor can provide a valuable tool for support teachers, furthermore it may well be a way to access learning for those students with significant learning difficulties. A brilliant development."
-C. R., Special Education Teacher, Literacy Coordinator

"The first thing I noticed about this program is the Aussie accent! YIPPEE!! A program that doesn't teach my children to speak with an American accent! The general feel of the program is FANTASTIC. The idea of having the pictures there with the sounds and words that relate, then the gradual exclusion of these hints is GREAT!! When Nathan tried it, I couldn't get him off it. And for him, that is a milestone. Generally he shies away from these types of programs because they involve reading and learning to read...Nathan asks me EVERY day to use it. He loves it...I am going to book another meeting with the principal.  Seems she has put the program aside and I just can't let her do that...Give me some information (or should I say, ammunition) so that I can blow these people away with this great program...NATHAN IS GOING REALLY REALLY WELL! Actually, he is doing FANTASTIC!!...He loves this program, I love this program and his reading has DEFINITELY improved. He decodes words faster...One remarkable change since ReadingDoctor delighted our home, is that Nathan now ENJOYS reading. Positively remarkable!! ...To all that are part of this project and especially to you Bartek, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!"
-S. C., Parent

"It's a great fun tool for helping Alice with her reading and language skills. Whenever she is given a choice of reading activities, the program is her first option. The variety and flexibility within the program is very impressive. It will continue to be useful as Alice's reading develops."
-E. R., Parent

"It has been of great benefit to Shannon to regularly access and work through this very helpful program. I would like to congratulate Bartek on this program and I am very grateful to have access to such a valuable source of assistance on a regular basis...THANK YOU."
-S. B., Parent

"The only real issue relating to Reading Dr is that its apparent simplicity masks the real power and sophistication of this valuable learning tool...Saying that, children will often gain an understanding of the program faster than parents!"
-M. B., Parent

"I have looked for some time for an effective and motivating teaching tool for my work with children with reading and writing difficulties, and have found the search disheartening and futile until now. I am very excited to finally see an Australian software package that offers a complete, research driven computer program. I believe the ReadingDoctor program will be invaluable to all people who desire to affect a positive and lasting change for children struggling to crack the reading code."
-J. T., Speech and Language Pathologist

"It's a very impressive program. It's packed full of incredibly useful, clever and fun games- thanks for putting lots of good ideas about reading into something practical to help kids and parents."
-S. G., Parent

"My daughter and I enjoyed using the program. We found it very easy to use and learnt a lot from it."

-S. S., Parent

"Children love it. It is great that you can manipulate the tasks to give them success at each level. The testing function is also very useful, especially for knowing which sight words to target."

-M. C., Speech Pathologist

"I recently stumbled upon this software after searching for tools to help my daughter with her reading. As soon as the trial period finished I purchased the software without hesitation. The school that my daughter attends employs what I understand is called a 'whole of language' approach, which doesn't focus on phonics. After researching this approach on the internet, I became very concerned about how this would suit my daughter's learning abilities. I am convinced that a focus on phonics is essential. I have since purchased / subscribed to a number of phonics programs. While we have only recently started using Reading Doctor Software, it is definitely the program that works the best...Some of the things I really like about the software are: It provides greater repetition and is faster paced than the other programs. I estimate that my daughter would get more practice in a 15 minute session of the ReadingDoctor than she would in a one hour session on the other program; Our daughter doesn't become discouraged when she is struggling with a particular area. When she makes a mistake the hints reappear to help her; It allows you to tailor the lessons to the particular letters, letter combinations or words that are causing problem; Our daughter enjoys it so much that she actually asks if she can play with the software; Most importantly, we are already seeing improvements. I think it is great that parents now have such an empowering tool to help their children".

-C. C., Parent

"...This is FANTASTIC!!! I have a 9yo son who cannot read very well yet. He is struggling immensely with it, even with one on one teaching at school and home. Since he has been using ReadingDoctor I have seen massive improvements in his attitude towards reading. I have even noticed him repeating the sounds and words that the voice over gives on the program to remember the sounds of letters. This is a HUGE difference to where he was a few months ago, and this is within about 6 weeks! What a massive change!! Thanks a million to Bartek for his work on this program. He is a legend!! I have even spoken with the school principal about this. She would be CRAZY not to implement it!"

-S. C., Parent

"I'm excited too. My son has shown similar progress using Reading Doctor. After three years of one on one with little progress, Bartek's expertise and talent have really moved him along. A year ago my son had almost no strategies for de-coding text. This year he is taking part in the Premier's Reading Challenge and bringing home several books at once." 

-R. B., Parent

"The children that I have working with the programme absolutely love it and keep asking me whose turn it is!!!!!... IT's BRILLIANT and I am spreading the word!!!!!!!"

-G. F., Classroom Teacher

"I pushed really hard to get more licences to have at least one in every class because I believe in it so much. This is currently happening. At every opportunity, I have been promoting ReadingDoctor.  I love it.  I will buy it once my own child is ready to start reading."

-A. M., ESL Coordinator and Classroom Teacher

"I have noticed significant improvements in my oldest daughter's ability to 'sound words out' when she is reading.  It has also translated into her writing where she is making much better phonetic approximations of words she doesn't know how to spell.  I am using the program with my 4-year old daughter as well now and she is loving it."

-K. H., Parent.

"I believe ReadingDoctor is absolutely outstanding and keep being surprised at the way every detail has been thought out. I'd pay double without any qualms."

-E. S., Teacher and Education Department Executive

"The fading picture with the letters and the moving mouth is an excellent idea. My daughter loves playing it and I will be purchasing a copy of it. I am a primary school teacher and this is one of the best language based learning programs I have seen. Well done."

-M. N., Parent and Teacher

"The programme from what I have used so far is brilliant. I have a class of receptions and they love it and it's great to be able to analyse their errors and set a particular activity for them. I was at the presentation you did at Felixstow a few weeks ago and was blown away by the amount of work and research that has gone into the program."

-G. F., Classroom Teacher

"Your software is absolutely fabulous...You have done for children what I knew was correct and I support you whole heartedly. I wish you every success with your mission."

-M. M., Educational Consultant

"I attended Bartek's presentation of Reading Doctor at Flinders University recently. I thought I was reasonably familiar with the programme but came away in awe of the depth and breadth of support it offers struggling readers. Bartek had very specific goals in mind when developing the software. He has succeeded in designing a high quality, engaging, effective product. It can be tailored to the individual needs of the user and is easy to navigate. I was inspired by his dedication to design Australian software that incorporates the latest research and is appealing to the children whom it targets. Years of his hard work have resulted in a truly fabulous result".

-R.B., Parent and student Speech Pathologist

"Jordan has made much, much more progress with Reading Doctor than he ever would have with just manual techniques."

-T. W, Parent


"Just to let you know that I have been trialing your WONDERFUL product since school went back this week,and the results are amazing. I have told all the parents about your programme & suggested that they try it."

-G. M, Teacher

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