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Reading Doctor® Software is being described by educators as a breakthrough in teaching children to read and spell. Our computer software and tablet apps strengthen skills found through research to be crucial in helping students of all ages to improve their literacy skills. Teaching vital reading skills such as phonological & phonemic awareness, letter-sound knowledge, decoding and sight word recognition is easy with our unique, multi-sensory, patent pending teaching platform. Reading Doctor® Software is designed by leading speech-language pathologist and reading development expert Dr. Bartek Rajkowski, PhD. Regardless of whether you are a teacher, a reading specialist, a person learning English or a parent, we sincerely hope our programs become your favourite teaching tool!


Change a vowel into a schwa

The 'schwa' tool can be used to change a vowel sound into a 'neutral vowel' - also called a 'schwa'. The schwa sound is the most common sound in the Engish language! You can hear it at the beginning of the word 'about'. Schwa sounds occur in unstressed (less emphasised) syllables in English words.


You can access the 'schwa' tool by tapping on the 'tools' menu:


To insert a 'schwa' symbol on the canvas, just tap on the 'schwa' tool while writing a word. You can then drop a vowel letter-sound tile on top of the schwa symbol. The tile you drop will keep its letters but will have a 'schwa' sound:


If you want to turn a vowel sound you already have written into a schwa, just pick up the schwa tool and drop it onto the tile you want to change into a schwa: