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Wayville, SA, 5034

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Reading Doctor® Software is being described by educators as a breakthrough in teaching children to read and spell. Our computer software and tablet apps strengthen skills found through research to be crucial in helping students of all ages to improve their literacy skills. Teaching vital reading skills such as phonological & phonemic awareness, letter-sound knowledge, decoding and sight word recognition is easy with our unique, multi-sensory, patent pending teaching platform. Reading Doctor® Software is designed by leading speech-language pathologist and reading development expert Dr. Bartek Rajkowski, PhD. Regardless of whether you are a teacher, a reading specialist, a person learning English or a parent, we sincerely hope our programs become your favourite teaching tool!

Speech and Language Information

This is a list of recommended websites and resources for helping students with speech and language difficulties.  

This is a link to our private practice in Wayville, South Australia. We provide expert services in a friendly, relaxed environment. We specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of communication issues including literacy, speech and language difficulties. Our clinicians have a special interest in research-based remediation of reading difficulties in children, adolescents and adults.


Speech Pathology Australia is the national peak body for the speech pathology profession in Australia. This website provides free information on speech, language and literacy development for parents and professionals, including a service to locate speech and language pathologists in your area.


An outstanding source of information about speech sound disorders, language difficulties and literacy development for parents, speech language pathologists as well as anyone else seeking information about children's communication development. Compiled by leading speech and language pathologist Dr. Caroline Bowen, PhD.


Talking Point is a website providing information about communication development and disability. The website offers free information for parents and professionals regarding speech, language and communication in children.